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10 Powerful Prayers for Our Troubled World

Prayers for Our Troubled World
Written by Joseph Crescent

We live in troubling times. Every day, we see reports of violence, conflict, and natural disasters in the news. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless when we think about all the problems in our world. But there is still hope. We can choose to focus on the good that is happening in the world, and we can pray for those who are affected by the bad. Prayer is a powerful force that can change lives and help us to find peace amid chaos. So let us take a moment to Prayers for Our Troubled World. For healing of the sick, for an end to violence, for comfort for those who are grieving, and for wisdom for our leaders

5 Things to Do Before Prayers for Our Troubled World

It’s easy to get bogged down by the negative news we see and hear every day. The COVID-19 pandemic, political unrest, natural disasters…the list goes on. It can be tempting to just tune it all out and try to live in our own little bubble. But as people of faith, we are called to pray for our troubled world. Here are five things you can do to prepare yourself before praying for our troubled world:

  • Acknowledge your feelings. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, scared, or even angry about the state of the world. Recognizing and accepting your emotions will help you to process them in a healthy way.
  • Lift up the positive. What are some good things that have happened recently? Maybe someone you know recovered from COVID-19 or you heard about a baby being born healthy despite all the odds. Focusing on the positive will help you to maintain hope.
  • Pray for specific individuals and groups. Instead of praying for “the world,” get specific. Who do you know who is struggling right now? What issues or problems do you feel particularly burdened about? Praying specifically will help you to focus your prayers and feel like you’re making a difference.
  • Be patient. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does healing. Don’t expect miracles, but trust that God is at work even when we can’t see it.
  • Seek community. Praying with others can be a powerful experience. If you don’t have a regular prayer group, look for online resources or churches in your area that offer prayer services or support groups. Praying together can give you strength and encouragement.

Prayers for our troubled world 2020

Example 1:

A prayer for those who are suffering: Lord, we lift up those who are suffering right now. whether it be from sickness, loss, or any other pain. Be with them in their time of need and comfort them with your presence. Amen.

Example 2:

Prayer for healing: Lord, we pray for healing for our world. We especially lift up those who are sick and suffering from the coronavirus. We ask for your healing touch, that they may be restored to health and strength. Amen.

Example 3:

Prayer for wisdom: Heavenly Father, we need your wisdom as we face the challenges of 2020. Help us to make wise decisions, that we may steer our world onto a path of peace and prosperity. Amen.

Example 4:

Prayer for peace: Lord Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, we pray for peace in our world. Grant us your peace that passes all understanding, that we may live in harmony with one another and with all of creation. Amen.

Example 5:

Prayer for hope: Almighty God, we lift up our hearts to you in hope. In these dark days, help us to remember that you are the light of the world, and that your love never fails. Amen.

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Prayers for our troubled world 2021

Example 6:

A prayer for healing: Lord, we pray for all those who are suffering from sickness and disease. We ask that you bring healing to their bodies and peace to their minds. We also pray for the medical professionals who are working tirelessly to care for the sick. Grant them wisdom and strength as they care for others.

Example 7:

A prayer for strength: Lord, we pray for all who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. We ask that you give them the strength to face each day with courage. We also pray for the courage to stand up against injustice and fight for what is right.

Example 8:

A prayer for guidance: Lord, we pray for all who are seeking your will for their lives. We ask that you would guide them with your wisdom and lead them in the path of righteousness. We also pray that you would give us the wisdom to know your will for our lives and the courage to follow it.

Example 10:

A prayer for peace: Lord, we pray for a world that is filled with violence and hatred. We ask that you would pour out your love into our hearts and help us to love one another as you have loved us. We also pray that you would bring an end to the conflict and division in our world so that we may live in peace and harmony. Amen.

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5 Benefits of Prayers for Our Troubled World

Prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do for the world. It is a simple act that can have a profound impact. Here are five ways that prayer can make a difference in our troubled world:

  • Prayer can help to bring about peace. In a world that is often ravaged by conflict, prayer can be a powerful force for good. By praying for peace, we open ourselves up to the possibility of reconciliation and healing.
  • Prayer can help us to see the goodness in others. In a world that often seems filled with hate and division, prayer can remind us of the goodness that exists in each and every person. By praying for others, we open our hearts and minds to the possibility of love and understanding.
  • Prayer can help us to overcome difficult challenges. In a world that is often filled with adversity, prayer can give us the strength to face whatever challenges come our way. By praying for guidance, we open ourselves up to the possibility of finding the right path forward.
  • Prayer can help us to appreciate the beauty of life. In a world that is often filled with darkness and despair, prayer can help us to see the beauty that surrounds us. By praying for gratefulness, we open ourselves up to the possibility of finding joy in even the simplest things.
  • Prayer can help us to make a difference in the world. In a world that so often seem profits over people, prayer reminds us that each and every person is important and deserving of respect. By praying for change, we open ourselves up to being part of the solution instead of part of the problem .

The role of faith in praying for Our Troubled World

Faith is considered an important aspect of prayer because it helps the person praying to have confidence in the power of their prayer and belief in a higher power that can answer their prayer. When someone has faith, it gives them hope, peace, and comfort knowing that their concerns are being heard and that they are not alone in their struggles.

In terms of the impact of faith on the power of prayers for the troubled world, having faith can increase the likelihood that prayers will be answer and can also help bring about a greater sense of unity and community among those who are praying. When people come together in faith to pray for a common cause, their combined energy and intention can have a profound impact on the world and can help bring about positive change.


In conclusion, praying is a powerful tool that can have a profound impact on our daily lives. It provides us with a sense of peace, comfort, and hope in the midst of turmoil and trouble. Whether we are facing personal challenges or witnessing global unrest, prayer can help us to find solace and connect with a higher power.

Prayer can also bring us closer to others, as we come together in solidarity to pray for the world and its inhabitants. Through prayer, we can express our gratitude, hopes, and fears, and find comfort in knowing that we are not alone.

To pray effectively, it is important to find a quiet and peaceful space where we can focus our thoughts and feelings. We can use prayer beads, candles, or other spiritual tools to help us stay focused, or simply close our eyes and let the words flow from our hearts. It is also helpful to have a consistent time and place for prayer, so that we can develop a routine and make it a part of our daily lives.

In conclusion, let’s continue to pray for our troubled world and the people within it. May our prayers bring comfort, healing, and hope to all those who are in need. And if you liked this blog about the benefits of prayer, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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