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19 Collection Of Prayers for Grandkids

Prayers for Grandkids
Written by Joseph Crescent

Prayers for grandkids are something that we as grandparents take very seriously. We want to see them grow up in a healthy, happy and safe environment; surrounded by family and friends who love them. However, we also know that the world can be a scary place and that there are no guarantees in life. So we pray – for their protection, for their health and happiness, and for their future success. And we do it with all the faith and hope in the world. because we want nothing more than the best for our beloved grandchildren.

5 Things to Do Before Prayers for Grandkids

When you become a grandparent, one of the joys is being able to pray for your grandchildren. Here are five things you can do to prepare for praying for your grandchildren:

  1. Get to know them. Spend time with them, get to know their personalities, their interests, and what is important to them. The better you know them, the more effective your prayers will be.
  2. Pray for their parents. As your grandchildren’s parents go through the ups and downs of parenting, pray that they would have wisdom, patience, and strength. Pray that they would be the parents your grandchildren need them to be.
  3. Pray for their future spouses. If your grandchildren are still single, pray that God would bless them with a spouse who will love and cherish them. Pray that they would have a happy and healthy marriage.
  4. Pray for their future children. If your grandchildren don’t have children yet, pray that they would be blessed with healthy children of their own someday. Pray that they would be good parents and raise their children in a safe and loving home.
  5. Pray for their eternal destiny. Above all else, pray that your grandchildren would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and follow Him all the days of their lives.

Praying for grandchildren

Our grandchildren are a source of joy and hope for the future. As we watch them grow and learn, it is natural to want to pray for their wellbeing. Here are five prayers you can offer for your grandchildren:

Example 1:

That they would know God personally. We pray that our grandchildren would come to know and love God for who He is. We pray that they would experience His grace and unconditional love, and that they would surrender their lives to Him.

Example 2:

That they would be healthy and happy. We pray for our grandchildren’s physical, emotional, and mental health. We pray that they would be safe from harm, and that they would enjoy happiness and peace in their lives.

Example 3:

That they would be protected from evil. We recognize the presence of evil in this world, and we pray that our grandchildren would be shielded from its influence. We ask that God would give them wisdom to discern right from wrong, and the strength to resist temptation.

Example 4:

That they would find their purpose in life. We pray that our grandchildren would grow up to lead purposeful and meaningful lives. We pray that they would find fulfilling work, inspiring relationships, and a reason to wake up each day with enthusiasm.

Example 5:

That they would one day know the joys of grandparenthood themselves! We pray that our grandchildren would one day have children or grandchildren of their own – and that they would know the same deep love and happiness that we experience as grandparents ourselves!

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A prayer for my grandkids

Example 6:

I pray that my grandkids will always know how loved they are. Whether they’re feeling happy or sad, confused or scared, I hope they’ll always remember that they are loved unconditionally.

Example 7:

I pray that my grandkids will be kind and compassionate. I want them to see the goodness in others and to treat others with respect, even when it’s hard.

Example 8:

I pray that my grandkids will be safe and healthy. So, I want them to grow up feeling strong and confident in themselves. I want them to know that they can face anything life throws their way.

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Prayer for our grandchildren

Prayer is an incredibly powerful tool. Not only does it allow us to commune with our creator, but it also gives us the opportunity to intercede on behalf of others. When we pray for our grandchildren, we are not only investing in their future, but we are also helping to shape the world they will live in. Here are four prayers you can use to start investing in the lives of your grandchildren today:

Example 9:

Pray that they will come to know Christ. This is by far the most important prayer you can ever pray for your grandchild. Without a relationship with Jesus, everything else in life will ultimately be meaningless.

Example 10:

Pray for their physical health. Whether it’s a serious illness or a minor injury, physical pain can take a toll on every other area of life. Praying for your grandchild’s physical health gives them a chance to live their lives to the fullest.

Example 11:

Pray for their mental and emotional well-being. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy for anxiety and depression to take root. Praying for your grandchild’s mental and emotional health will give them the strength they need to face whatever challenges come their way.

Example 12:

Pray for their future. As your grandchild grows, pray that they will find their God-given purpose in life and that they will use their gifts and talents to glorify Him.

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Praying for your grandchildren

Example 13:

“May God keep you safe from harm, may his angels always watch over you, and may your life be blessed with love and happiness.”

Example 14:

“Heavenly Father, we entrust our grandson/granddaughter to You. Protect him/her from all evil and arm him/her with Your truth. Fill his/her heart with love for others so that he/she may always show kindness, patience, and forgiveness.”

Example 15:

“Lord Jesus, be near our grandson/granddaughter in every time of need. Grant him/her strength in body and spirit, and courage in the face of all difficulties. Help him/her to trust You always and to know that Your love will never fail.”

Example 16:

“Dear God, we thank You for our grandson/granddaughter. Guide him/her as he/she grows into adulthood, and may he/she always reflect Your light in this dark world.” Amen.

A prayer for my grandchildren

Example 17:

Dear God, I pray that my grandchildren will always know Your love. I pray that they will feel Your presence in their lives, even when things are tough. I pray that they will know the peace that comes from spending time with You. Amen.

Example 18:

Dear God, I pray that my grandchildren will be kind and compassionate people. I pray that they will be people who see the best in others and who are quick to forgive. I pray that they will be a force for good in this world. Amen.

Example 19:

Dear God, I pray that my grandchildren will have happy and fulfilling lives. I pray that they will find meaningful work, healthy relationships, and a sense of purpose. I pray that they will know the joy of watching their own children grow and thrive. Thank you for my wonderful grandchildren. I am so grateful for each and every one of them. Amen.

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Integrating Prayers for Grandkids into Your daily life

Making prayer for your grandchildren a consistent part of your daily routine can be a bit challenging, especially if you have a busy schedule. Here are a few tips that might help:

  1. Set a specific time for prayer: Choose a time of day that works best for you and make it a habit to pray for your grandchildren at that same time every day.
  2. Use reminders: Set a reminder on your phone or computer to help you remember to pray. This can be especially helpful if you have a busy schedule.
  3. Make it part of your daily routine: Try incorporating prayer for your grandchildren into other daily routines, such as before breakfast or before bed.
  4. Write down specific prayers: Writing down specific prayers for your grandchildren can help you focus and stay on track when praying.
  5. Get others involved: Encourage other family members to join you in praying for your grandchildren. This can make the experience more meaningful and help keep you accountable.
  6. Be flexible: It’s okay if you miss a day or two of prayer. Just get back on track as soon as possible and don’t let it discourage you.

Remember that making prayer for your grandchildren a consistent part of your daily routine is a process that may take time. Be patient with yourself and keep working at it, and it will become a habit in no time.

5 Benefits of Prayers for Grandkids

Praying for our grandchildren is one of the most important things we can do for them. Here are five benefits of praying for our grandkids:

  1. Prayers help to protect our grandkids from harm.
  2. Prayers help to instill values in our grandkids.
  3. Prayers help to provide guidance for our grandkids.
  4. Prayers help to build a relationship with our grandkids.
  5. Prayers help to bring peace and calm into our grandkids’ lives.


I hope you found this blog helpful as you navigate the sometimes-treacherous waters of parenting and grandparenting. As a Christian, I believe that prayer is one of our most powerful tools, and so I offer up prayers for your grandchildren every day. May God bless them abundantly and keep them safe in His care. If you have any specific requests or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me; I would be happy to pray for your family specifically. Thank you for reading, and may God richly bless you!

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