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12 Best Prayers for Couples Before Bed

Prayers for Couples Before Bed
Written by Joseph Crescent

As we navigate through the challenges of modern life, it is essential to cultivate meaningful relationships that provide comfort and support. One way to strengthen the bond between partners is through prayer. Prayers for Couples Before Bed is a powerful tool that connects us with our inner selves, each other, and the divine.

In this blog post, we will explore the twelve best prayers for couples before bed. These prayers will help you and your partner create a deeper spiritual connection and bring peace and tranquility to your relationship.

Whether you are a newlywed or have been together for years, these prayers will help you cultivate love, kindness, and forgiveness towards each other. So, if you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner and deepen your spiritual connection, read on to discover the best prayers to say before bed.

5 Things to Do Before Prayers for Couples Before Bed

Before you go to bed each night, take some time for prayer as a couple. Whether you’ve been married for years or are just starting out, praying together can help to strengthen your relationship and deepen your connection with each other. Here are five things to do before prayers for couples before bed:

  • Take a few moments to sit quietly together and reflect on your day. What were the highlights? What were the challenges? What are you grateful for?
  • Ask for forgiveness if you have wronged each other in any way. Forgive eagerly if your partner has asked for forgiveness.
  • Express your love for each other. Thank God for the gift of your partner and the blessing of your relationship.
  • Pray for each other’s needs and concerns. Lift up anything that is weighing on your heart.
  • End with a brief period of silence or a shared prayer. This is a time to listen to God and to each other, exchange any final thoughts or feelings, and simply be together in God’s presence.

Couple Prayer Before Bed

Before bed each night, many couples take a moment to pray together. This can be a powerful way to connect with each other and with God. Here are four prayers that you can say as a couple before bed:

Prayer for Healing.

Thank God for your relationship. Thank Him for the love and intimacy that you share. Ask Him to help you continue to grow closer to each other. A prayer for healing. If you or your spouse is dealing with any challenges or difficult times, lift those up in prayer and ask God to bring healing and peace.

Best Pray for Strength

Pray for strength and wisdom in your marriage. Ask God to help you weather the storms of life and to always make decisions that will strengthen your relationship.

Pray for your spouse’s needs

Pray for your spouse’s needs. Take time to think about what your spouse may be going through and lift those needs up to God. A prayer for thanksgiving. Thank God for all the ways He has blessed your relationship, and ask for His continued guidance and blessings.

A prayer for intimacy.

A prayer for intimacy. Ask God to deepen your love and intimacy for each other, and to help you grow closer together both physically and emotionally. Bedtime is a great time to pray together because it gives you a chance to connect with each other and with God before you end the day.

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Prayer for Couples Before Bed

Before turning in for the night, take a moment to pray together as a couple. Thank God for His blessings throughout the day and ask for His guidance and protection in the days to come. Here are three bedtime prayers you can use to strengthen your relationship with God and each other:

Prayer for Jesus

“Lord, we thank You for this day. Thank You for our health, our home, and our loved ones. We ask that You would watch over us as we sleep and protect us from all harm. Grant us sweet dreams and a restful night’s sleep. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Cool Prayer for Peace

“Heavenly Father, we come to You tonight with humble hearts. We confess our sins and ask for Your forgiveness. We also ask that You would help us to forgive others who have wronged us. As we lay down to sleep, we surrender our minds and bodies to You. Grants us peace and rest through the night. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Pray for Help

“God, we thank You for this day and all the good things that happened in it – even the things we take for granted like air to breathe, food on our table, and a roof over our heads. Help us to remember that everything we have is a gift from You. As we close our eyes in sleep tonight, remind us of Your love so that we wake up tomorrow ready to serve You with joy. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Pray for Guide

Seek God’s help in creating a healthy and God-honoring relationship. Ask for wisdom in decision-making and grace when imperfections are exposed. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom in your relationship. Ask for strength to overcome challenges and grow closer together. Ameen

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Prayer Before Bed for Couples

Couples who pray together before bed reap many benefits. Prayer brings them closer to God and each other. It invites God’s presence into their bedroom and marriage relationship. And it gives them a chance to express gratitude, request help, and intercede for each other’s needs. Here are four prayers couples can pray before bed:

A Prayer of Thankfulness

A Prayer of Thankfulness - Thanking God for the good things in life is a great way to start off prayer time together. Recognizing all that God has done blesses Him and opens up couples to His continued provision.

Prayer for Protection

A Prayer for Protection - This is a powerful prayer to pray for God’s hedge of protection around your marriage. As you acknowledge His sovereignty, ask Him to keep you both safe from physical and spiritual harm.

A Prayer for Forgiveness –

A Prayer for Forgiveness - We all need God’s forgiveness, and we also need to forgive each other. This prayer brings healing and reconciliation into a marriage relationship.

A Prayer for Clarity and Wisdom

A Prayer for Clarity and Wisdom - Couples can often benefit from clarity and wisdom when it comes to making decisions together. This prayer asks God for guidance in all areas of life, including decisions about the future.

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5 Benefits of Prayers for Couples Before Bed

There are many benefits of praying as a couple before bed.

  • First, it helps to strengthen the bond between husband and wife. When couples pray together, they are telling God that they are united in purpose and committed to each other.
  • Second, prayer can help to improve communication within the relationship. Couples who pray together often find that they are more able to talk openly about their feelings and concerns.
  • Third, prayer can help to resolve conflict within the relationship. Prayer gives couples a chance to express their needs and desires to God, and it also allows them to ask for guidance on how to best deal with their differences.
  • Fourth, prayer can help to foster intimacy within the relationship. When couples share their secrets and burdens with God, they often find that they are able to be more open and vulnerable with each other.
  • Finally, prayer can help to bring peace and calm into the relationship. When couples take the time to thank God for all the good in their lives, they often find that they are better able to weather the storms that come their way.

The Role of Faith in Praying for Couples Before Bed

however, many people believe that faith plays a critical role in the power of praying for couples before bed. Praying is seen as a way to communicate with God, and having strong faith in the power of prayer and in God’s ability to bring about change, helps to increase the effectiveness of the prayer.

When couples pray together with strong faith, they are putting their trust in God to help them overcome any challenges in their relationship and to bring about positive change. They believe that God is listening to their prayers and that He will answer them in His time and in His way. This type of faith helps to create a deeper bond between the couple as they are relying on a higher power to help them.

Additionally, praying together before bed can also provide a sense of comfort and peace, allowing couples to let go of any worries or stress they may have experienced during the day. This can help to create a more positive and harmonious environment in their relationship, leading to a better quality of life and a stronger bond between the partners.

In conclusion, faith can play a significant role in the power of praying for couples before bed. Having strong faith in God’s ability to bring about change can help to increase the effectiveness of the prayer and create a stronger bond between the partners.


In conclusion, taking the time to pray together before bed can be a powerful way for couples to strengthen their relationship and their faith. These 12 best prayers for couples before bed provide a range of options for couples to express gratitude, seek guidance, and deepen their connection with one another and with God.

As you incorporate these prayers into your nightly routine, take a moment to reflect on the blessings in your life and the ways in which you can continue to grow together as a couple. Remember to also express gratitude for each other and for the many gifts that you share.

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